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LevisKIM said...


Hmm...you are a Japanese??
I feel tired suddlenly.

I`m sorry but I have a lot of experience to dicuss this problem with Japanese in EnjoyJapan.

and I know that Japanese have a disposition to catch a speaking tail of the opponent.
My last reply.

"Ahn's claim that he met the lord of Tottori, not to mention of Bakufu official is comletely untrue"

It`s your saying

Do you know this Japanese book?

the book has this comment..

唐人江府江御引渡 則江?表御穿鑿 相濟順 御贈歸

I think that you can translate this easily. What do you think??

Who was this 唐人???
Where was 江???
What happen existed in 江???

Is it untrue again??


Anyway It is a good experience to discuss something on Eng.

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