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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
1906 Apr 1 - Japanese Tell Koreans of Takeshima Incorporation

The following April 1, 1906 San-in Shimbun article, entitled "竹島土産," talks about Japanese officials visiting Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks) and Ulleungdo. (Click on the articles to enlarge.)

Takeshima Souvenirs

The party of fifty people arrived at Takeshima at 8 a.m. on the 27th, as we have already reported. They soon landed and dozens of people from various fields of study began their investigative work. As previously rumored, there were pods of sea lions living on the island, so the party caught ten of them, including a live one. Some were caught with a net or guns, and some were clubbed. They loaded three of them on the ship and departed at 2:30 p.m. They saw laver growing at the island.

They arrived at Ulleungdo's Jeodong (芋洞) at about 8 p.m. Some disembarked right away when Japanese policemen, the postmaster, and other people from Dodong (道洞) came on two boats to welcome the party. It was arranged that some of the party would stay at Postmaster Kataoka's house while the rest would stay on the steamship and wait until daybreak to land.

They all went to visit the County Head (郡守), and a Japanese police seargent acted as interpreter. They asked about the situation of the island. Then part of them investigated the interior of the island while part of them investigated the coast. They departed the island at 8 p.m., and they arrived at Saigo (Oki) the next day at 4:30 p.m. They attended a welcoming party organized by officals and the people. At 10 a.m. the next morning, they left and at 3:30 p.m. arrived at Sakai, where they soon changed steamships. They arrived at the prefectural office at 7 p.m. Department Head Jinzai (神西) stayed at Oki with two staff members, Nakajima and Ohno, to investigate the island (Oki).

One of the three sea lions they got at Takeshima was cooked on the ship, one was given to the Uleungdo County Head, and the last one was brought back to be used as the subject of hygiene study and is now at the hygiene laboratory at the docks.

When he visited the county head of Ulleungdo, Department Head Jinzai (神西) said, "I'm an official from Shimane Prefecture of the Japanese Empire. Your island and Takeshima, which is under our jurisdiction, are near each other. Also, many Japanese are staying on your island, so we hope you watch over them. If we had planned on coming here, we would have brought you a suitable gift, but because we happened to come here for refuge, we do not have one. Fortunately, we have a sea lion here we caught at Takeshima. We would like to give this to you as a gift, and we would consider it very fortunate if you would accept it."

The county head answered, "Concerning the Japanese people who are staying on this island, I will do what it takes to protect them. I will also accept your gift of the sea lion. If it tastes good, I hope you will give me another one sometime."

(Translated by Pacifist)

Posted by Gerry Bevers at 10:39 PM
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pacifist said...

To follow is a rough translation:

Souvenir of Takeshima

The party of 50 people arrived at Takeshima at 8am 27th as we've already reported. Soon they landed and 14~5 persons shared their investigational work in several fields. As previously rumoured, there were herds of sea lions living, so the party caught the 10 sea lions including a live one, some were caught with a net or guns, some were beaten. Three of them were loaded to the ship and they left there at 2:30pm. They saw laver growing at the island.
Then they arrived at 芋洞 of Ulleungdo at 8pm. A part of them landed soon. Japanese policemen and a postmaster and other people from 道洞 on two ships came and welcomed the party, so they stayed at the postmaster Mr.Kataoka's house while the rest of the party stayed in the steamship. After the daybreak they landed and visited the chief of the island (郡守). A Japanese police seargent acted as an interpreter, and asked about the situation of the island. Then a part of them investigated the coast of the island and left the island at 8pm. Next day at 4:30pm they arrived at Saigo (of Oki), they attended a welcome party organised by the officals and the people. On the next morning at 10am they left and arrived at Sakai at 3:30pm, where they soon changed the steamship and arrived at 7pm at the prefectural office. The head of the department 神西(Kannzai or Jinzai?) stayed at Oki with two staff, Nakajima and Ohno in order to investigate the island (Oki). One of the three sea lions, which they got at Takeshima, was cooked in the ship, one was given to the chief of Ulleungdo and the last one was brough back with them as a material for hygienic investigation, and it is now at its moorings at a hygienic laboratory. The head of the department 神西 (Kanzai?) said when he visited the chief of Ulleungdo, "I'm an official of Shimane prefecture of Japan Empire. Your island and Takeshima, which is under our jurisdiction, are close. And many Japanese are staying in your island, so we hope you'll treat them right. We should have brought a gift if this was a planned visit but this time we happened to arrive for a refuge, so we don't know what we have to give you. Fortunately we have a sea lion we caught at Takeshima here. We would like to give this to you as a gift. We would be glad if you will receive it." The chief of the island answered, "I will protect Japanese people who are staying in this island. I'll receive the sea lion. If it will be delicious, I would like to have another one in the future."

12:17 AM
pacifist said...

Incidentally, the title 竹島土産 is not 竹島土山. The 土産 (miyage) means souvenirs. If you write 土山, it means "mud mountain"...

12:58 AM
Gerry Bevers said...
Thank you for the translation, Pacifist, and thank you for catching my mistake.

I think the Japanese officials had planned to go to Ulleungdo from the very beginning. I think "had to seek refuge" comment was just the official's way of excusing the quality of the gift he was giving the county head.

3:46 AM
pacifist said...

I agree with you, considering the former article and this article relating about the welcome delegation of Japanese residents, possibly it was planned beforehand. But this article didn't mention the bad weather they should have taken a refuge, I wonder whether there was a storm or not. At least, if the party talked about it as an excuse, weather may have not been fine anyway...

7:37 AM
pacifist said...

I found the photo of Nakai Yozaburo although it's a very small one:

This is from Sankei Shimbun. Please take a look at the right upper photo; the man standing left is Nakai. He looks smart, doesn't he?

12:34 AM
Gerry Bevers said...

I think the "kukuri" site is blocked from Korea. I tried connecting to that site and I cound not do it then, either.

1:11 AM
pacifist said...

I sent you an e-mail with the attached photo of the newspaer article.
I hope you will be able to see it!

1:23 AM
Gerry Bevers said...

Thanks for the e-mail. I might attach the picture to the relevant post when I get home from work tonight.

1:13 PM
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1906の4月1日 - 日本人は、韓国人に竹島社について話します




Dodong(道洞)からの日本の警官、郵便局長と他の人が党を歓迎するために2台のボートに来たとき、彼らはすぐに降ろされる午後8時頃のSomeで UlleungdoのJeodong(芋洞)に到着しました。残りが汽船にとどまって、土地に夜明けまで待つ間、党のいくつかがPostmasterカタオカの家に泊まるよう手配されました。



彼がUlleungdoの郡上部を訪問したとき、部Headジンザイ(神西)は言いました ― 「私は、日本の帝国の島根県からの当局者です。あなたの島と竹島(それは我々の管轄権の下にあります)は、互いに近いです。また、多くの日本人はあなたの島の上にいているので、我々はあなたが彼らの世話をすることを望みます。我々がここに来るつもりだったならば、我々はあなたに適当な贈り物を持ってきたでしょう、しかし、我々が偶然避難のためにここに来ることが起こったので、我々は1を持ちません。幸いにも、我々にはアシカがここでいます。そして、我々は竹島に飛びつきました。贈り物としてあなたにこれを与えたいです、そして、あなたがそれを受け入れるだろうならば、我々はそれを非常に幸運であると思うでしょう。」

郡指導者は答えました ― 「この島の上にいている日本人に関して、私は彼らを保護するには必要であることをします。私は、アシカのあなたのギフトも受け入れます。それがよい味がするならば、何卒、いつか別のものをください。」





それから、彼らは午後8時にUlleungdoの芋洞に到着しました。彼らの部分は、すぐに着陸しました。2台の船の道洞からの日本の警官と郵便局長と他の人は来て、党を歓迎したので、残りの党が汽船にとどまる間、彼らは郵便局長Mr.Kataokaの家に泊まりました。夜明けの後、彼らは着地して、島(郡守)のチーフを訪ねました。警察がseargentする日本人は、通訳の役をして、島の状況について尋ねました。それから、彼らの部分は、島の海岸を調査して、午後8時に島を出発しました。次の日午後4時30分に、彼らは西郷(沖の)に到着しました、彼らはofficalsと人々によって組織される歓迎会に出席しました。午前10時の次の朝に、彼らは去って、午後3時30分に堺に到着しました、そこで、彼らはすぐに汽船を乗り換えて、県庁で午後7時に達しました。部門神西の頭(Kannzaiまたはジンザイ?)、2人のスタッフと沖で抑えられて、ナカジマと中で大野は、島(沖)を調査するために注文します。3匹のアシカ(それを彼らは竹島で得ました)のうちの1匹は船で料理されました、人はUlleungdoのチーフに与えられました、そして、最後のものは衛生的な調査のための材料として彼らと後ろにbroughでした、そして、それは現在衛生的な研究所のその係留設備にあります。彼が Ulleungdoのチーフを訪ねたとき、部門神西(Kanzai?)の上部は言いました ― 「私は、日本帝国の島根県の当局者です。あなたの島と竹島(それは我々の管轄権の下にあります)は、間近です。そして、多くの日本人はあなたの島にとどまっているので、我々はあなたが正しく彼らを扱うことを望みます。これが予定の訪問であるならば、我々は贈り物を持ってこなければなりませんでした、しかし、今度は、我々は偶然避難所へ到着することが起こったので、我々は我々があなたに何を与えなければならないかについて、わかりません。幸いにも、我々には我々がここの竹島で捕えたアシカがいます。贈り物としてあなたにこれを与えたいです。あなたがそれを受けるならば、我々はうれしいでしょう。」と、島のチーフが答えました、「私は、この島にとどまっている日本人を保護します。私は、アシカを受けます。それがおいしいならば、将来別のものを持っていたいです。」


















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